Monday, May 22, 2006

We'll Always Have Paris

I completely stole this idea from kitkat's writing blog. You had to pick a line and write a 300 word story with some dialogue and a twist. Twisted is easy for me.


Looking at Paris in this light, I was amazed. I had heard such marvelous things from my friends. And while they were right, no one had done it justice. I had heard how amazing Paris was. “You’ve never seen anything like it,” they would gush. “Words can’t describe it. You’ll never believe it. You have to see it for yourself.” I really wasn’t a Paris kind of guy, but I figured I’d go take a look and see what everyone was raving about.

“Paris is for lovers,” I remembered hearing. I held my breath in anticipation. I’d waited so long for this. I thought back on the endless planning, the numerous internet searches, all of my questions.

“Where should I go?” Everyone seemed to have a favorite site or an opinion for enlightenment. What would really make me understand Paris? No one seemed to be able to tell me exactly where to go. “Do some exploring. You’ll find it eventually." Where was that secret spot that would allow me to see Paris in all her glory?

But it was all coming to fruition. I was finally getting to see Paris.

And while the green night-vision video made her look a bit alien, I could finally see why some people loved Paris. Here was a girl who would have sex with anyone. Anyone who was hot. Even her pause to take a cell phone call mid-coitus couldn’t diminish my admiration.

Here was a woman with no appreciable skills, intelligence or otherwise redeeming social value. Yet she was a star. She was famous simply for being famous. She’s a winner in the genetic lottery. "Be born wealthy" really is the best advice you can give your kids. Paris breaks barriers. She shows you don't have to be poor to be white trash.

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Elsa said...

Good twist - I didn't see it coming! It's like the Sixth Sense all over again :)