Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mother Plunker

The Giants are playing a series in Houston right now. And Houston was getting killed in the first game. Down 6-0 and it's only the 4th inning.

So Russ Springer (the pitcher) starts throwing at Barry Bonds. First he threw behind him. Then he came inside 3 times and missed him every time. Then Springer hit him on the hands while Barry was holding the bat. This actually counts as a strike and should probably be the strategy everyone uses to pitch to Barry.

In case you hadn't heard, Barry is one homerun away from tying Babe Ruth with 714 home runs. I could understand if you were unaware of this fact as ESPN only breaks into coverage every time he is up at bat, shows every at bat during every SportsCenter and talks about it endlessly. So no pitcher wants to be the guy shown on every highlight film until the end of time giving up the gopher ball to Bobblehead Barry which ties the Babe.

Finally, Springer hits him. And 35,000 fans stand up and cheer. A standing O for hitting a batter. Then Springer got ejected from the game. And the crowd continued to cheer for him.

I have never seen a more hated man than Barry Bonds.

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Elsa said...

I know. Everytime I watch a Sox game on NESN, there's Remdawg talking about Bonds, cutting away to him, etc. Enough already. Just show me Papi making homeruns.