Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Completely Ripped Off

I completely stole this from Dave. But as I've written about Mr. Richards as well, I figured it fit the theme.

Top Ten Things Overheard During Keith Richards' Hospital Stay

10. "What aren't you currently taking, Mr. Richards?"
9. "Visiting hours are over, you'll have to ask the strippers to leave"
8. "That explains it. His MRI shows three livers."
7. "According to our tests he's been dead for the past 30 years"
6. "First time an organ rejected the body"
5. "His blood type is Jack Daniels."
4. "Haven't seen anything this close to death since Letterman's hairpiece."
3. "You mean he looked like that before the fall?"
2. "I just listed his bedpan on eBay."
1. "We need to find a perfect match for his blood -- somebody call Whitney Houston!"


Elsa said...

ROTL!! That is way too funny!! Dick and I just had a good chuckle. I love David Letterman's Top 10 - especially this particular list!

kris said...

#7 is also reportedly true of Dick Clark.