Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballpark

If you're anywhere near Altoona, PA, you definitely owe it to yourself to check this out. The Altoona Curve are hosting Frivolous Lawsuit Night on July 2nd. Usually I only go to the park on Handgun and Hard Liquor Night but this could be fun too.

The Curve got the idea for the promotion after some assbag in LA filed suit after he didn't get a nylon tote bag when the Angels gave them away for a Mother's Day promotion. Maybe he could keep his self respect in that tote bag?

As part of their promotion, the Curve will give away the following:
  • a pink tote bag to the men
  • lukewarm coffee to the women (so they will not burn themselves)
  • kids will be given a beach ball (with a warning not to eat it)
  • a grand prize drawing in which one fan will receive a “clue” and their own frivolous lawsuit

I wonder if the Curve serves the curve? Nobody is going to get that reference. But these are the best hot dogs in the world. Hope they also sell Curve Ball Kolsch beer.


Candace said...

Does that make him a bagless assbag? What a loser, LOL!

I saw my first serve the curve billboard a couple of weekends ago. I thought it looked kinda naughty and I'll admit that dh and I sniggered about it. But they're good, eh? Might have to try one!

Elsa said...

I love it! I would defnitely attend this event if I lived close.

I had read about that guy suing for a bag - give me a break! Does he not have anything else better do with his time - like pick his toenails? I'm surprised he's not suing for mental anguish.

BTW, I've nev er heard of Curve - maybe we don't have them in New England.

t2ed said...

Seriously kids, Koegel Viennas are the best hot dogs ever. It's something magical about the skin. Not sure if it's better meat or what but after you try these bad boys you'll never want another kind of hot dog again.