Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ghost Writer

In case you hadn't heard, there is some kind of movie coming out in which Tom Hanks plays Leonardo Da Vinci. I'm pretty certain that's what it is. I haven't heard too much about it though. Something about a book and the Venus de Milo. I'm a little hazy on the facts.

Anyway, some albinos are going to protest the film. Umm, hello, fiction.

Man, those albinos really need to lighten up. Doesn't some dumb film pale in comparison to the problems we have in this world? Sure it's not fair, but no one is lily-white in this world. Give it a rest, Casper. Milk before meat.

Okay, I'll knock it off.

I'm feeling anemic anyway and it's time to feed my Frankenstein.


angelatee said...

The only thing creepier than albinos are siamese twins. I actually can't wait to see this movie. I really liked the book.

Elsa said...

I'm with you. All these protests are riciculous. I keep shouting "fiction, guys" every time I hear about yet another protest. It's just a movie - make believe...pretend.

BTW, Edgar is cool!