Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fly Like An Eagle

If you haven't heard about it, some peeps who play the characters at Didneyland got arrested. They were protesting something or other. I don't really care what, but the pix they took as they were arresting the characters are the funniest things ever.

If you don't think a picture of a handcuffed Peter Pan being put into a squad car is hilar, you might want to find a tall, tall building.

Fly Peter Fly

And you'd better hope you have some Pixie Dust.

Sure hope Tink can bust him out of the joint.


Karen said...

Ahhh, takes me back to a WTF moment when we were in Disney and Tigger grabbed my husband's ass!

Reigning Frog said...

I'd love to see if Cinderella's mug shot looks anything like Paris Hilton's.

Swistle said...

Ha ha ha! Hilarious and disturbing.

Roxrocks said...

Peter Pan's coolness factor just dipped way down among his real life friends. I mean, sure, he's got street cred now but his mug shot is ridiculous!