Monday, July 14, 2008

Who Let the Dogs Out

Reason #682 to Love Utah

We've got restaurants where they let you dine with your doggy. (warning that's a PDF). Thanks to the Salt Lake City Weekly for clueing in this hound owner on the al fresco opportunity ala K9.

It's true. Up Millcreek Canyon at the Loghaven Restaurant, you can enjoy a pate on the patio with your pooch.

Now, I've had dinner with a few dogs before. But at least their acne wasn't too bad. And those weren't just prom dates. Hiyo. And I didn't really mind when she licked my face during the slow dances.

They also have a drink menu featuring doggy themed drinks: Poodle-tini, Irish Setter Coffee and Salty Chihuahua. Sounds pretty tame to me. If I'm going to go with a dog themed dining experience, go nuts with it. Because most of the dogs probably won't have theirs.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Bichon Frise Bacon Burger
  • Samoyed Salmon
  • Havanese Jalapeno Halibut
  • Duck ala Dalmatian (with Sour Cream & Black Olives)
  • Labradoodle Lasagna
  • Springer Spaniel Spanish Paella
  • Mastiff Minestrone (for large appetites)
  • Chow Chow Cornish Game Hen
  • English Bulldog Eggs Bearnaise
  • Jack Russell Jerked Chicken

I could go on all day with this list. But you knew that already.

Do you think the restaurant has a No Smoking and No Humping section?


sleepless in seattle said...

St. Bernard Giant Swiss Cheese Burger--Serves 4! Served w/ a Materhorn sized portion of fries.

The no humping section is probably for the owners.

kitkat said...

Southern Fare:

"Collie" greens
Biscuits and "greyhound" (gravy)

cdp said...

Dinner conversation with my basset would have to be infinitely more entertaining than many of the dates I've suffered through.

And at least when a dog is only interested in humping your leg, he's up front about it.

dunebuggy said...

Newfie noodle soup.

Reigning Frog said...

I bet every meal comes with hush puppies.

I hear the servers are canine too. Lulu was asked to wear a tiny tee and orange short shorts.