Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dazed and Confused

Reason # 328 to Love Utah

It's a state holiday today. Suck it, non-Utah monkeys!

Yes, this is the day approximately 161 years ago that Brigham Young came into Utah and said, "This is the place." They even have a monument.

In honor of the state's founding, we have no worky, a parade, a candy pull and leftover fireworks from July 4th. No word on whether we also get mattress sales. And we get two days of concerts from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the Entire Osmond Family. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. Where do the stereotypes about this state come from? I know I've got a serious case of Puppy Love for this state. Well, for Guinness the Wonder Dog anyway.

Now while the whole This is the Place makes for good marketing copy, I'm a little skeptical. The pioneer trek was over 1300 miles. Do you really think at the end someone said, "This is the Place." I'm guessing it was a little more along the lines of.....

"You kids shut up back there. No, we're not there yet. Quit touching him then. No, we're not stopping for you to pee again. I am not either lost. No, I'm not stopping to ask for directions. NO! We're not getting a pecan log. Ugh, put your shoes back on. Quit almost touching him then. How 'bout we play The Quiet Game? No, I'm not lost! So help me if you kids don't knock it off, I'm turning this whole wagon train around. That's it. Trip's over. Now. Get out. We're done. Here. We're stopping."

At least that's how I remember a lot of our family vacations ending.


Roxrocks said...

Happy Utah Discovery Day. That's the official title of the holiday, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

At least that's how I remember a lot of our family vacations ending

Yeah, mine too, except they didn't end with someone founding the Mormon capital of the universe. I'm pretty sure after long road trips, we were more than once labeled "demon children." Of course, maybe that's was even more fuel for BY.

Dani said...

Pioneer (read: Pie and beer) day is the bestest.

More holidays that get me out of work!!!

Dani said...
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