Monday, July 28, 2008

Greek Is The Word

Me: We're going out to dinner before the show?

Wife: Where are we going?

Me: A Greek place, but you won't need a passport. It's downtown -- Astra's.

Wife: Asses?

Me: Who names a restaurant Asses?

Wife: You said it was Greek.

Me: If I drop my wallet, I'll kick it to the door before I try to pick it up.

Wife: Will the plates be brown?

Me: No, but I'll bet the chairs are really uncomfortable.

Wife: I wonder if the dress code allows chaps.

Me: Only ass-less chaps.

Wife: I just hope Asses sells shirts.

Me: It'll be like Hooters but just the opposite.

Wife: I'm ordering the butt steak.

Me: Extra juicy.


Roxrocks said...

LOL you two crazy kids!

Skyzi said...

I love a good rump roast!