Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Born To Be Mild

Dear Red-Hot Biker Momma:

I'm sure as you headed out on the highway this morning, you had your Sassometer set to 11.

You were working it in your leather pants. The company logo shirts of your accountancy firm carefully hidden by the sleeveless vest. And while I don't know a lot about the motorcycle lifestyle and the steel horses that you ride, I'm sure you're wanted, dead or alive.

You've got your hot little hands on the tall dresser handlebars that keeps them up so high by your eyes. Yes, we see your sexy, tanned skin. And so much of it. You're rocking to the big sound of your muffler and your blonde mane flowing in the wind.

But that wind also makes that extra skin under your arm flap in the wind like a trailer screen door in a hurricane. So, sexy.

Try to remember your sleeves next time.




Dani said...

Mother flipping gas prices...

kris said...

Oh no. Bat wings at Mach 5. Papa no likey.

Anonymous said...

There goes another hog on a hog.

t2ed said...

She really wasn't big.

Just some unfortunate arm non-toneage. Which was undisguised and completely on display for the wind and entire world to enjoy.

Skyzi said...

Muahahaha, you said muffler!

(pardon me as I have an adolescent moment)

Dunebuggy said...


I'll try to remember my sleeves tomorrow. And I'll start doing more push-ups to tone my tri's. The drag is starting to effect my gas mileage.

Next time you drive by, honk and wave.