Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

TLAPD is going to rock.

First, the optometrist agreed to remove my eye so my patch fits just right.

Second, I've been doing a lot of Home improvements. The boys at Anglian really came through for me. The Crow's Nest sticking out of the chimney really looks authentic.

Third, the cannons came out much better than I expected. Because I had to cast them myself, I didn't think the reload rate would be that good. Because I used cast iron, the school bus that I'm stuck behind each morning is in serious trouble. I'm not even going to go for a shot across the port bow. I'm just going to let it have it.

Especially that little fat ass that gives me the pressed ham each morning.

Enjoy the day, swabbies!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I learned about Talk Like a Pirate Day. I haven't been celebrating it myself, honestly, but I've seen a lot of pirate shirts and someone at work mentioned it first thing this morning. How did I not hear about it on the news?

Chunks said...

Shiver me timbers, you're a nutter! lol