Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shop 'til You Drop

The new online business is going swell. We're doing lots of very special, very personalized, very important services for big, big celebrities.

We've got a swell personalized online shopping cart with our ecommerce software and that's really all you need to get going. If you've got the right shopping cart software, people love your products even if it's something pretty dumb. As long as you can say a celebrity endorses it or uses it, you're golden.

Stuff continues to just fly off the e-shelves:
  • Brittney Spears Parenting Guide
  • Kate Moss Energy Powder
  • Tom Sizemore Life Coaching
  • Miss Teen South Carolina Geography Guide
  • Hillary Clinton's Guide to Definite Answers
  • Nicole Richie's Nutrition Guide
  • George W. Bush's new book Dumb Choices for Dumb People
  • Larry Craig Metronome (eliminates that need for foot tapping)
  • Medellin Extended Director's Cut
  • Michael Vick Medical Marijuana Clinic Pass
  • Mike Gundy Media Relations Training (with special guests John Chaney and Hal McRrae)
  • Milton Bradley's How to Make Friends and Influence Umpires book
Let me know if there's anything you'd like that we don't stock.

1 comment:

Reigning Frog said...

I'd be interested in:

-OJ Simpson's "How to break all 10 commandments and get away with it"