Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prison Musical Gets New Lead

If you're Tennessee House Judiciary Chairman Rob Briley, you might not want to belt out a show tune the next time you're pulled over for drunk driving (with police video goodness).

While I'm sure the Honorable Mr. Briley (D-Nashville) was coming back from dropping off toys at the the orphanage after volunteering at the Mesothelioma treatments Center and whipping up an entree at the soup kitchen, the police observed him speeding. Rep. Briley then allegedly (that's always a great weasel word for being able to type whatever you want) led the police on a high speed chase. And haven't we seen enough of those chases on tv to know how they all end?

Once in police custody (surprise - cars only get away from helicopters in outrageous action movies, kids), Mr. Briley called the nice policeman a "brown shirt" (and he really is as you can see by the uniform), a Nazi and then belted out a line from Springtime for Hilter. Yeah, that didn't exactly help with his booking process. The multi-talented Mel Brooks is an author, director and producer but not a lawyer.

Oh, and the police found an empty bottle of bourbon in Rep. Briley's car. That's Maker's Mark if I recall my bar tending days correctly. So, I'm sure a Tennessee politician is going to get in a bit of hot water for drinking Kentucky bourbon. Especially straight out of the bottle in his car.

And this all takes place in the middle of the afternoon. Doesn't this stuff normally happen about 3 a.m.? At least it does if you're a professional athlete. That must have been a pretty good lunch, Rep. Briley. UT was playing Southern Miss that day so it may have just been a kick ass tailgate party.

I just hope Rep. Briley is able to survive this scandal. Because it sounds like he'd be a great U.S. Senator.

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