Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quit Patting That Down

I know I already posted today. But sometimes these things just write themselves.

The best part? It was Viagra.
In his defense, he was returning from the Dominican Republic. That must have been quite a vacation, Rushie Boy.
I always knew that fat blowhard had trouble getting it up. It explains all the anger.
But I'm sure I can predict the excuses Rush will have for having illegal Viagra in his possession:
  • Just holding it for a friend
  • Not my stuff
  • Not sure how it got in there
  • Might be his, but just misplaced his prescription
  • What happens in the Dominican Republic stays in the Domincan Republic
  • Dealer told him it was oxycontin
  • Where's my maid?
  • This is all Donovan McNabb's fault
And when Viagra is outlawed only outlaws will have chubbies.


Elsa said...

He can also use the excuse "Someone else packed my bags".

I ususally don't feel good about someone else's misery, but I just can't stand him so much that I have to laugh. Mostly because he would be the first one to judge someone who did this or abused drugs and would be calling for jail sentences. So I don't have sympathy for him because he doesn't have it for others. Blah blah blah.

Elsa said...

I know I probably sound callous - but I'm really not.

angelatee said...

And how about that lame joke about buying it at the Clinton Library Gift Shop? Is he new?

Bubba don't need no Viagra.