Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is what it's all about. This is why I got into this business. To take a really crappy idea and make it even crappier.

The Orlando Visitors Bureau is trying to increase tourism during August, September and October. Yup, those months when it's 95 degrees with even more humidity and the hurricanes are in town. Their idea? Fabulous Fall.

I'm sure that's going to turn it all around. A good slogan and a big advertising budget can really reshape reality.

Quote of the story: "We're not in a constant state of hurricane watch," said some guy who manages a hotel.

And although Fabulous Fall is sure to do the trick, they might want some back up slogans. May I suggest the following:

  • Cane-tastic
  • Category 5 Fun
  • When the levee breaks, you're 800 miles away
  • Suck it up, parents
  • We guarantee you'll get blown
  • Britney is gone now
  • The Hurricanes have extinguished the wildfires
  • We put the Adventure in Worlds of Adventure
  • Coming here now is really Goofy!
  • Hardly any of the mosquitos carry encephalitis

Feel free to submit any more, kids.

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Elsa said...

* The Keys - visit them while they're still here.

I got nothing else.