Friday, June 02, 2006

Look Out Batgirl

In case you hadn't heard, Batwoman is back. And she's out of the Batcloset.

DC Comics announced yesterday (and shouldn't that now be called AC/DC comics?), that they were resurrecting the character Batwoman as a lipstick lesbian. Yup, that's her over there.

Batwoman's socialite alter ego, Kathy Kane, was introduced in 1956 and killed off in 1979. So apparently she's batback now. The recently revived Batwoman Described as 5'10" tall (that's 1.77 meters for our international readers) with flowing read hair, knee high red boots and a tight black outfit. Well sure. What else would the well-dressed crimefighter be wearing?

There are some other little known facts about the new Batwoman character.

10) Batcave now entered in a completely different way
9) Arrests Catwoman for heavy petting
8) Sidekick named Rosie wears flannel
7) Keeps referring to the Joker as "girlfriend"
6) Artificially inseminated by David Crosby
5) First adventure involves breaking up a robbery at a WNBA game
4) Stalks Batgirl
3) Sometimes knee high red boots replaced with hiking shoes
2) Batmobile is now a pick up truck
1) No batpole


Elsa said...

Man - look at those stomach muscles - ouch!

I love the list - especially no. 1! It could be a Top 10 on David Letterman. You may want to consider submitting it!

kitkat said...

I can't wait to see what her "tools" will look like!

spaz said...

Oh, there's a pole alright. It just vibrates.