Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's the Principal of the Matter

Proof that no one in any school administration has any sense of humor about anything whatsoever is offered by Clio High School in Clio, Michigan (home of the Mustangs).

During the graduation ceremony two, not just one, but two, students played a little grab ass with Principal Keith Smith. And because these two scofflaws are now free from the tyrant Smith's petty rule of high school, he's trying to get the police to prosecute them for fourth degree criminal sexual conduct.

Smith says he needs to set an example so something like this doesn't happen again. I can tell you from personal experience, principals are all about setting examples. In my defense, I never grabbed a Principal's ass, but I certainly had to kiss a lot of it while I was in school.

Quote of the story: "As they were shaking my hand they reached around grabbed my butt and started rubbing it."

I've not been able to unearth (despite the power of the interweb) whether the students were male or female. As an attorney for one of the alleged gropers claims there was no way the contact was for sexual purposes, I'm guessing it's a boy. Of course, if he whispered, "Oh, yeah" that'll shoot that argument to hell.

Principal Smith says he's in shock and frankly embarrassed.

Is that a diploma in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

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