Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Quick Hitter

Dear Ben:

Just two words: Gary Busey

Get well soon.



Elsa said...

Ben should definitely wear a helmet, unless he wants to look like Gary Busey. He's lucky that he'll still be able to play football...even luckier he's alive.

Hmmmm...it makes me wonder about Tom Brady. I hope he doesn't partake in anything "dangerous".

t2ed said...

I think the most dangerous thing Tom Brady did was date Paris Hilton for a bit.

I'm just glad Ben it seems like he's going to be okay.

And apparently some Penn legislator said this still doesn't change his mind about the helmet rule. Luckily we have enlightened leaders who never learn.

kris said...

Oh for the love of the sweet baby Jesus NO. YOU. DIDN'T.

Elsa said...

T2ed - I don't know which is more dangerous - riding a bike without a helmet or dating Paris Hilton. In both cases, one needs "protection" - LOTS of it! ;)

t2ed said...

This opens a whole new line of inquiry. How is dating Paris Hilton different from riding a motorcycle?

If you bought your bike new, you know you're the only one who has ridden it.

One goes from zero to 60 with the turn of a throttle, one with the turn of a bottle.

One is a cold souless piece of machinery that will only get more expensive to maintain. The other is a Harley and will only appreciate in value.

One needs spare parts to keep looking sharp. The other doesn't need a plastic surgeon.

One is known for moving fast, being hard to handle and causing a road rash if you flip it over. Okay, that applies to both.

Elsa said...

:-D That is a riot! I'm telling you, you could go into writing comedy!

t2ed said...

I do write comedy.

Unfortunately, my Boss calls it my job review. *cue rimshot*