Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Told You So

Students in England are being told to avoid taking Latin classes because they're "too hard."

According to the Department of Stuff We Just Made Up, Latin was about a grade harder than the next hardest subjects like science and modern languages. Latin is about three grades harder than some other subjects such as sociology. Lazy sociologists!

I told my parents Latin was too freaking hard. This also explains all my B's. Not my laziness and just taking it because I liked the instructor.

Boris Johnson, the shadow higher education minister and Roman history author said, "Latin is a wonderful subject that introduces you to the roots of European civilisation. It is a fantastic foundation for all kinds of careers. I never regretted doing it for a moment."

Right, Boris. As long as you want to write a book no one will ever read and wind up the shadow higher education minister. Does he teach how to make those swell puppets on the wall? Just kidding, I know what a shadow minister does. He tells the Sith what to do.

I told my college academic advisor that I wanted to take Latin for my language requirement. She said they preferred a live language. When Rome rises, I'll be the go to guy.

For those of you unfortunate to be exposed to Latin, a quick joke:

Amo, amas, a mommy.

Thanks, I'm here all week. Remember to tip your bartenders and wait staff. Blogging audiences are the greatest audiences in the world. Goodnight everybody.

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