Thursday, June 05, 2008

Black Dog

My dog, Guinness the Wonder Dog, has begun to criticize my driving.

It happened this morning on the way in to work. Oh, yeah, he's got a job. Apperently he applied for some jobs in Philadelphia and it turns out they have a Utah affiliate. What his job? He licks himself on a webcam. Hey, I think it's sick and wrong too, but if people are going to subscribe to, who am I to judge?

Anyhoo, we're on the way in to work and I hit a pothole. Hard. And the Hound stands up from where he'd been sleeping and looks at me. Yeah, I know.

He doesn't like sticking his head out the window and pretending to fly in the morning. He prefers to take a little cat nap to save up his energy for all that licking.

So the look. It wasn't the head cocked WTF luck. It was the full bore, dead stare, stop it look. The same look you get before the bath. The "Hey, fucko, I'm napping here." It had fingers, I know which one he'd have been showing to me.

I still think he's just pissed about this. I was trying to keep snow off his paws. It lasted about 2 minutes. Who knew dogs had such long memories? Jeez.


sleepless in seattle said...

As parents we often look forward to the day we can finally embarass our kids. I just didn't know it carried over to our pets (wait that's what they make the costumes for, right?).

After seeing this picture, you so deserved the look, and you know it will be compounded now that you've shown it to all your friends.

Next time I'd go with something that matches his coat a bit better.

Poor Guiness.

kris said...

What snow? Doesn't look like a lot of snow in that shot.

He's probably just angry you made him pose in front of the handicapped spot like that. Doesn't Utah have mountains or some better backdrop?

Dunebuggy said...

No wonder G-dog is pissed at you, you're pimping him out to get the handicapped spots. I agree with Kris on this one.

kitkat said...

I agree--the handicap spot puts a different spin on things. He looks like he's wearing casts on his legs.

I've seen people put little doggy shoes on their dogs during the snowy season. The dogs don't seem to mind.