Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adventures in Public Mastication

An exchange between the Wife and I while we were out Sunday morning acquiring sustenance:

“Should we go to the Gay Pride Parade?”

“It’s today?”


“A Sunday?”

“You know we’re not gay despite your love of musical theater.”

“But we’re allies.”

“How do you know it’s today?”

“I overheard our waitress reference it while explaining her outfit to another table.”

“That’s just an excuse to wear purple spandex with green leggings.”

“Do you think the Utah Gay Pride Parade will suck?”

“We saw the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade and it was awesome.”

“But that was San Fran.”

“Yeah, but in Utah it’s only once a year to go nuts. In Saracisco, that’s just Tuesday.”

"Will the parade go by the churches downtown?"

"If I were in charge, it would go by precisely as church was letting out."

"Especially the float with the Priests on it."

Legging-bedecked waitress comes to check on us and touches me on the back whilst making her inquiry.

“I saw that.”

“Moths to the flame.”

“She must dig you.”

“And wants to take me to the parade in a strictly platonic way.”

“If she really dug you, she’d get you some free bacon.”

“I’d share it with you.”

“I’m pretty sure she’s keeping all that bacon for herself.”


Anonymous said...

I want to hang out with you and your wife. You seem like my kind of people!

dunebuggy said...

So did you go to the parade or not?

I'd be afraid I'd run into some of the kids (now adults) I knew in high school, who liked musical theatre, and who I always wondered if they were or weren't.

t2ed said...

We did not actually hit the parade and subsequently missed men in silver thongs shaking it.

Next year we'll have to camp out overnight so as not to miss this kind of excitement.

Dani said...

I missed the parade as well... I was doing my own kind of parading in Vegas, but no excuse to miss slc pride.

Love the convo. Too funny.

kris said...

10 bucks you guys went home and paraded around the house wearing only bacon.

Anonymous said...

bob saget's name on full house was danny... just wanted you to know.