Friday, June 06, 2008

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee

You're probably going to want to go ahead and mark your calendars for this one. Sandra Day O'Connor, yes, that Sandra Day O'Connor, is pimping a video game. I'll let your head catch up here. Yes, a former member of the Supremes is touting a video game to teach kids how courts work.

Sandy Baby said she's involved in the sure to be fabulous projects to show people that judges aren't godless activists. That's right. A lot of them are god-fearing activists. That makes it completely different. Just because some judges choose not to follow the law and instead make up the law and decide who will be the President, that shouldn't make people cynical.

You'll want to go ahead and bookmark the site. Because you're going to want to be playing Sandra's Day in Court as soon as its available. Luckily I know a little something about the interpipes and those darn webby sites so I was able to crack open some of that htemily code and find out all about the game.

  • Under their robes, judges have no pants.
  • Players have choice of lawyer avatars: sharks, weasels or rats.
  • Game halts everytime an ambulance goes by.
  • Latin terms used not just to confuse laymen but because it's "so cool."
  • Gavels can also be used for cracking walnuts.
  • The Scales of Justice should not be used to weigh weed.
  • A donation to the Judge's Retirement Fund ensures the next objection goes your way.
  • Free speech cases are cool because we get to use curses and watch dirty movies.
  • The Supreme Court doesn't actually play any music by the Supremes.
  • "Dissing" comes from the word "Dissent" which is Latin for "You're a tool."
  • Any time the term Penal Code is used in court, Clarence Thomas giggles.
  • Appellate briefs do not involve underwears.
  • Not all bailiffs are named "Rusty."
  • The Court Stenographer does not appreciate any double entendres using the term dictation.
  • Scientific Opinion Witnesses do not like being referred to as "Whores."
  • Once on the stand, Police should refrain from gunplay.
  • When being sworn in, do not answer the oath with "As far as you know."
  • Judge Judy is not on the Supreme Court. Yet.
  • Crossing your fingers during testimony does not excuse perjury.
  • Catching the Prosecuting Attorney in illicit activity with his Legal Secretary gets an innocent client and a bonus score.

Man I can't wait for this to come out. It'll be almost as good as Law and Order Health Code Violations. I'm out of order? This whole blog is out of order!

Have a good weekend, kids.

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kris said...

This sounds awesome! I'm hoping for cameos by Amy Winehouse and Britney (with a sub-cameo by Mel Gibson starring as creepily invested close family fiend).