Thursday, June 19, 2008

Backfield In Motion

I swear on the tender limbs of sweetbabyjebus that whatever business is in the building across the street is out playing Dodgeball right now.

They even have cones and a ref.

Our office is looking out the window and just hoping someone gets hurt. They maybe we can sub in.

My money is on Average Joe's.

I wonder if you can file a worker's comp claim for a dodgeball related incident?


Dani said...

I'm jealous. I want to play effing dodgeball at work.

Staff meeting in 45, it's totally going on the agenda...

You can file a claim for dodgeball. Once at Nordstrom I had a co-worker file a claim for poking herself in the eye. The form was probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

Part of body injured: The eye.
Equipment involved: The finger.

heartinhand said...

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

kris said...

If I've told you once, I've told you a million times: I'm uncomfortable with you watching me from your office window. That "ref" is my boyfriend and the cones are what God gave me. Doesn't the judge's order mean anything to you?

Couldn't resist said...

It was a contest. The ones who finished the most TPS reports got to throw the balls. The losers got balls thrown at them, and had to eat the leftover balls from the Testicle Festival.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone but the losers t-bagged the winners gatorade.

I think I've been reading too many of your posts, but I couldn't resist.

sleepless in seattle said...

About workmen's comp: Pretty much anything that happens at work you can file a claim for. If you burn yourself on food you cooked in the microwave in the company lunchroom, you can file a claim. Even if you were off the clock so to speak, you were still at work. My hubby is a claims adjudicator and he has to deal with this silly stuff all day long.