Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reason #459 to Love Utah

Yet another reason to lurve Utah. We gots wild cougars! And not just the ones down at BYU.

I've seen them in the suburbs. Cruising by the high schools in their minivans and throwing candy at the boys' lacrosse teams. It's scary when they stalk their prey and then finally charge.

Then they usually take a young man captive and he never escapes. Right, Ashton? Look at those fangs. Man, that's scary.

The best thing about this whole story is you know that couple is never going to yell at their dog for barking again.


kris said...

I thought they called those women leopards. Lepers?

kitkat said...

I'd probably bark if I saw a real cougar or Demi Moore in my back yard.