Sunday, May 13, 2007

Your Momma Don't Rock

It's not just Mother's Day today (Hi, Mom).

Yes, I'm lucky enough to still have my Mom around and even though she just had hip surgery on Tuesday, I'm sure she can still break a foot off in your ass if you talk badly about her baby boy. Yes, even in my forties, I'll always be the last kid. Hope you liked the flowers.

It's also World Cocktail Day. Shouldn't every day be Cocktail Day? I know it is at the Kennedy Compound.

I will confess to not knowing that there was a Museum of the American Cocktail. And shouldn't it just be a bar and not a museum? There's probably some kind of insurance break if you claim it's a museum instead of a bar.

So get your drink on, kids and then plant a big, sloppy wet kiss on Mom's cheek as you slur, "I love you, man" to her.


Reigning Frog said...

I think you would be a great host on The View. Just don't piss off the Barbara.

latt├ęgirl said...

My Mom is so paranoid about my blog, she doesn't want me to mention her. Not even through the use of a generic term, like "maternal unit." I'm not publically allowed to have a Mom. I must be the product of virgin birth, or aliens.

Wicked H said...

So you don't have to be a Mom to visit the museum, right?

Angie T said...

Is that you and your momma? That picture is adorable, man!