Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spelling Counts

A would be bank robber was caught in Waco, Texas after he handed a note fraught with grammar errors, sentence fragments and other mistakes to a teller.

His note?

Do as this note tells you to do. Don’t make me hurt no one. Cause if you do you will be this frist one I hurt. Just give me the money. Don’t give me no dye pack in it or any tracer in the money. Don’t be a fool and start any probelms. Don’t pull no alarms till I am out of here. Thank you have a nice day Merry Xmas 100's, 50s, 20s, 10s & 5's only. No 1s or change. Hurry up don’t be stalling me. I am not dumb. It only takes seconds.

It also only takes seconds to spell check.

Everyone knows the correct way to produce a note for this kind of caper is as follows:

Money in the bag, bitch. Or I blow your head off.


Mr. B. Robber

P.S. Big bills only


Reigning Frog said...

Did Paris Hilton sihn this note for him?

Jamie/foundme said...

The one word that had me laughing OUT LOUD was 'frist.' My oldest son's father uses that ALL the time. It's my biggest peeve, but I think HE wrote that note!

Iwanski said...

Reminds me of "Take the Money & Run" where Fielding robs the bank and the bank workers whether he wrote "I've got a gun" or "I've got a gub."

Chunks said...

Darwin Award candidate perhaps?