Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Final TO Word

While I should probably be changing the name of this blog to "Hate TO.com," I've got to let it go. Steelers played the Eagles last night. Of course the TO contoversy was all over the game, especially as Hines Ward, Pittsburgh's hold out receiver had just reported to camp.

They took a poll on TO. Just 8% of the voters thought the Eagles should pay him more.

One great sign in the stands: TO: Shut Up and Play

Peter King over at Sports Illustrated goes on at length on TO. His quote:

Go back to the Eagles on Wednesday, T.O., shut that massive piehole, play football and try to prove to some of us who think you're the worst kind of problem with American sports today that we're wrong. Please.

Guess that's why he's the professional and I'm the hack. Although I do use "piehole" in everyday converstation quite a bit.

Okay, I'll through dirt on this TO thing, but I'm not making any promises here. That guy is just too big of an assbag.

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kris said...

I don't understand most of the post as I am generally sports-impaired (well, I understand the words and all) but I still wanted to say hi!

By the way, assbag and piehole are both clearly underutilized in this posting. We need more!