Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Bad Sign

Is it a bad sign that after decorating my office with black balloons and Aqua Teen Hunger Force blow ups, my co-workers bought me a South Park magnetic dartboard, a Darth Tater and a Best Buy gift card so I can buy video games?

When they gave it to me, they said that Darth would be worth more if I didn't open the package.

Yeah, like I'm going to pull a 40 year old virgin and not open it. Please, you buy toys to play with them for crying out loud.


kris said...

Keep it for one hundred years and you might make one miiiillion dollars.

I appreciate most about this post that you were able to incorporate the words virgin, games, blow up, video and loud. Oh, and "when they gave it to me."

I should probably go now.

Anonymous said...

It is cleared