Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Girls Gone Nationwide

I've written previously, lobbied for, and even waxed poetic about the greatest bra in the world, the Cleavacious. And yes, that is the best interactive product demonstration ever at their web site.

You may remember the adjustable Cleavacious. As one verbally gifted user said, "I love the fact I have the option - during the day you keep the girls in, and at night you break them out." As I'm not a personal user, I'll have to take her (and many anonymous commenters) word for it in the absence of photographic proof of people "breaking them out."

Flack & Proud recently got an update from the Best Inventor in the World, Karey Weyenberg about the amazing, adjustable Cleavacious bra.

It's now available online at Jaque Pennay, in New York at Macy's in, in California at Bloomingdales, in Chicago at Lord and Taylor. Next week the Cleavacious conquers Boston. In fact Karey even emailed me with the following:

I want to let you know that back in the day I really appreciated your "support" at a time when I needed an "uplift." I pray our product "blossoms."

Hey, Karey, I make the lame boobie jokes 'round these parts.

Now let me bounce another great idea off of you. You've heard of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. How 'bout the Cleavacious Winnebago? We can help educate the 85% of the female population who wear the wrong sized bra.

I'll drive around the country handing out Cleavacious bras and compile my "research" of before and after pictures and personal stories about how the Cleavacious changed women's lives. It'll be like a Extreme Makeover Breasticle Edition. And people can show how much they love their magic Cleavacious bra by showing it to the Winnebago when it comes to your neighborhood!

There's got to be some way I can horn in on this because Cleavacious Poet Laureate hasn't really taken off like I thought it would.


Angie T said...

yeah, I remember feeling that girl up with my mouse sometime back. Hilary must stay away from this bra lest she remind voters she is a woman with BREASTS no less.

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the interactive demo on the site...and I'm a girl...with breasts of her own. Who knows. They fascinate me too.

Chunks said...

I thought my husband was the only one who called them Breasticles. Small world.