Friday, July 07, 2006

All About The Girls

It's a brief respite from crazy Ohio news today. But don't think I'm tapped out. There's always more crazy Ohioans on the horizoans.

I absolutely love this country. Where else can someone take a crazy idea and make money off of it? If you're looking for an adjustable bra (and who isn't?), here's the product for you.

According to the product's inventor, Karey Weyenberg: "Clevacious offers something no other bra on the market offers, adjustability around the ribcage for a perfect fit, the ability to move and hold breasts in position so they are more proportioned and the option of enhancing cleavage." Don't believe the puffery? Try their interactive product demonstration.

This product was recently written up in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

Quote of the story: "I love the fact I have the option - during the day you keep the girls in, and at night you break them out," said a woman who I don't care about other than that she gives a great quote and refers to her mammaries as "the girls."

I just hope the Small Business Administration is giving Karey Weyenberg all the support she needs. It's difficult for a start up business to climb the mountains of paperwork needed to be successful and you've got to be able to bounce back from adversity. She probably ought to move the business to CoCo Beach where the climate is even more cleavacious than Wisconsin.

She could also get out of that Jeep and get some Winnebagoes to make her product mobile. This is going to be huge. She's got to strap in and get ready for a bumpy ride. There are always boom and bust cycles with any industry. She needs to be able to lift herself above the industry and separate herself from the competition.

Are you amazed that this whole thing was just an excuse to make some cheap boobie jokes? I didn't think so. Please release the girls.

And I thought Cleavacious had something to do with Ward.


angelatee said...

I'm so glad no one caught me rolling a cursor over some chick's expanding and contracting chest.

The things you make me do, t2ed!@*!

Anonymous said...

This seems like such a great bra. I think i'm going to get one soon. I'm glad someone came out with such a great improvement for bra's.

Anonymous said...

I wear the cleavacious bra and I love it. It is the best fitting bra I have ever owned.

Anonymous said...

I just recieved my bra and was very dissappointed in the flimsy shoulder staps and not so great fit.Even after being professionally fitted for this contraption I dont think its the best bra out there....Good luck.I will be returning mine and I will see how easy it is to get my money back.I'll keep you informed.

Anonymous said...

The cleavacious bra is the best bra I've ever worn. It's really comfortable and makes me look sexier than I have in years. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

I love my bra. I'm not "heavenly endowed" but the Cleavacious bra make me feel that I am. The inventor is also a lovely lady and a wonderful neighbor.
Dodie G

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!!! Pink Cleavacious bras are advertised in Oprah's magazine for October's Breast Cancer awareness month. Sizes range from 32-42 in cups A-DD. They also offer them in white, nude and black.

Anonymous said...

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