Monday, August 20, 2007

Go, Meemaw, Go

If you're a burglar in St. Petersburg, Florida, and are thinking about a little b & e, stay the hell away from Shirley Ives' house. Because she's got an ice pick and she's not afraid to use it.

Dion P. Sooko found out the hard way when he broke into Shirley's house and she had to "give him a little nick."

I think she should set up her home lighting and put that pick on display. Let any burglar who gets in see it in bright shiny light and know she's going to carve her initials in their chest if they mess with my girly Shirley.

And now she's got a taser as well.

Now these are the kind of feel good stories we ought to see in the news every day. I love stories about old people kicking unsuspecting criminal ass. In fact, that would probably be a great tv series. We could dig up Angela Lansbury and let her go medieval on some young punk each week. That would be a lot better than just solving some mysteries.


Chunks said...

I love the Senior Ass Kicker stories too!

Wicked H said...

Oh, Angela could team up with the first lady cop, I think her name was Pepper Anderson? I cannot remember the actress' name. Anyhoo, I'd pay to see that.

Off to buy some ice picks and tasers. A girl cannot be too careful.

Angie T said...

Uh, I think Angela Lansbury is alive dude. Hey! I'm back! Come visit!