Friday, August 17, 2007

Everyone Knows It's Lindsay

Exploiting the problems of someone else is cruel and heartless. Luckily, Cruel & Heartless is the name of Paul & Storm's classic rock cover band.
To the tune of Windy (with apologies to The Association)

Who is the red head, Hollywood starlet?
Living a life that's consequence free.
Who keeps tequila in the Mercedes?
Everyone knows it's Lindsay.

Who hasn't made a good flick since Mean Girls?
Who's making Paris and Brittney look sane?
Who's room in rehab has a bartender?
Everyone knows it's Lindsay.

And Lindsay has bloodshot eyes
Give Lindsay some Biggie Fries
Cause Lindsay has two big thighs
And a spoon up her nose
A spoon up her nose
A spoon up her nose
That's where it goes

Who took a spin when she had been drinking?
Who had a pocket filled with cocaine?
Who's headed for some time in the pokey?
Everyone knows it's Lindsay.
Who maybe should have hired a driver?
Everyone knows it's Lindsay.


Anonymous said...

That's where it goes

Oh my. I wish I knew this tune, but even though I don't, it's still hilarious. All I'm sayin' is, in a few years, there are going to be some killer comebacks in hollywood.

t2ed said...

If anyone else hasn't ever heard the song Windy (and count yourself luck because you've must have never been on an elevator), it is on ToYube:

Reigning Frog said...

This TRULY is THE BEST mug shot ever!