Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Snubbed Again

I waited by the phone last night waiting for the call. It never came. Some guy named John Roberts got the gig. Probably a suck up. I mean he did used to clerk for Rehnquist. I wonder if Rehnquist can still remember him?

They're making a big deal about how he's argued 39 cases in front of the Supreme Court. Big deal. I've never lost a case in front of the Supreme Court! I'm undefeated baby.

And people are pouring over every legal decision JR's made to see if they can divine which was he swings on key issues. I'm telling you there's nothing in my history of jurisprudence that's going to get me in any trouble. I'm a clean nomination. I'll sail through the Senate.

They're making a big mistake here, but what can I do. I'm already getting email from my Congressman asking me for my opinion. Yes, it's a little scary that I have the ear of important people who are already pestering me the day after I lost out on the nomination. But they really want to know:

Are you worried that some Senators will try to earn political points instead of giving Judge Roberts a fair hearing?
Yes No Unsure

Do you think it is okay for a U.S. senator to disregard a nominee's qualifications and base his or her vote solely on the nominee's Political ideology -- that is, solely because the nominee is a conservative or a liberal?
Yes No Unsure

Do you think Judge Roberts should be confirmed to the Supreme Court?
Yes No Unsure

I kind of think that he should also be asking me:

Do you like me? Yes No Unsure

It just reminds me of those notes that used to get passed in class. I wonder where my cootie catcher is?

Even though I lost out on a cushy job in DC, at least I'm still in the running to coach the Pistons. I hope someday I can be so valuable to an organization that they'll give me a big check to go away. "You're critical to our success, kid. Here's a wad of cash. Get the hell out."

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