Thursday, July 21, 2005

Canada Goes Gay

Look for a swell rainbow to be added to that red Maple Leaf, Canada has officially approved same sex marriage. They'll be a run for the border and you better bring flowers.

Canada is only the fourth country in the world to allow same sex marriage. You can still head to the Netherlands, Belgium or Spain if the Great White North isn't your style. Spain? I guess that explains the bullfighting. Putting a sword into a big, charging, bull. Yeah, no one could think that was repression for something else.

I really don't get all the furor over this. I am so ready for gay weddings. They'll be FAB-U-LOUS. It'll be more like a pageant than a wedding. And sure to be some drama. That whole question about whether anyone objects to this union will be fraught with a pregnant pause now to see whether the ex throws a hissy fit.

I just want to own the flower store next to the gay wedding chapel. You'll make a mint. It's all about location, location, location.

The downside to this is gay divorce. Those are going to be a bitch. And you thought the courts were backed up before.

I can't wait for my first gay reception. I'm going to have to start putting some pressure on my gay friends to tie the knot. "You're not getting any younger. He's a keeper. Take the leap. Where's my invitation?"

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