Friday, July 29, 2005

Quote of the Week

For a change it's not something stupid I said. It's super agent Drew Rosenhaus while appearing on HBO:

"It's OK for Tom Cruise to make $50 million for a movie. But a guy who risks his life can't get paid a decent wage?"
-- Drew Rosenhaus

Drew is TO's agent. Gosh, playing football equates to risking your life. And a 7 year deal worth 49 million bucks isn't a decent wage.

If TO is an assbag, Drew must be a dickclown.


Kim said...

Excellent use of 'dickclown'.

Kara said...

There's a joke to be said here... something about risking his d*ck for steroids, how it's not worth 49 million... I just cant' piece it together.

It'd be funny, though, I swear. If it weren't 1 am and my tummy weren't sloshing with my 14 martinis.

kris said...

I agree, Kim. Assbag and dickclown both.