Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gas Masters

I'm conducting a sociology experiment which proves that people are idiots.

There's a current run on gasoline in the Great Grey North right now. People are waiting in line for up to 30 minutes to fill their tanks before prices go up. This despite that the latest hurricane in the gulf (umm, are we up to Emily already?) won't hit Texas and disrupt gas production.

We think the run is being caused by a new gas station going in front of the new Super Size Wal-Mart (aka Try 'N Save). They just put up their sign today and even though they have no gas currently (it's still under construction) and aren't open for business, they posted the price of gas at $3 per gallon. This, we hypothesize, started the buying frenzy.

Of course you're talking about the fine educated folk who also (before the start of the Iraq war) began hording perishable foodstuffs. Yup, they cleaned the grocery stores out of milk, eggs and cheese. We may be running out of food, but we're going to have bitching omelettes for a week.

Wish I had a pix to post or a story to link to, but take my word for it. It's chaotic hilarity right now. We actually have people leaving the office to go fill up their tanks. Gotta love mob mentality.

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