Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shock the Monkey

Earlier in the week, I had alluded to an incident with the Wee One, Tiki.

Every now and then at night before bed, he likes to sit in the corner by the wall and the couch and get the pre-sleep nap in. I know. It's tough to be a dog.

Anyway, we had recently gotten a new lamp so the Wife could read in the family room.

Well apparently Tiki isn't completely out of his chewing phase even though he's 7 months now.

So he starts going at the electrical cord. And chews through enough of it that's he's getting shocked. And can't let go. Luckily, the Wife was smart enough to yank the cord for him.

He was really freaked out and made yipping noises like nothing we'd heard out of him. And his hair was standing up. Kinda like this.

Luckily, he's fine and back to chewing on his brother like normal. The cord is repaired (cause I'm a big, strapping mountain man and can handle stuff like that), but Tiki won't sit over there any more.

I'm guessing Tiki caught Tom Wilkinson's portrayal of Ben Franklin when we were watching Adams and just wanted to try his own experiment. Which didn't go so well.

Now I've got to see about inventing some rubber dog boots for electrical work.


Anonymous said...

Poor, little, not-too-bright doggy! Well, I guess electric shock therapy does work after all. I bet Pavlov never thought of that.

foundinidaho said...

Our rabbit chewed through a floor lamp cord. We didn't realize she was in the corner until we saw the light flicker. Didn't do a damned thing to her.

Rabbits - tough. Portuguese Water Dogs - apparently not so much. Tiki's cute though.

Roxrocks said...

Would it surprise you to know that this made me laugh hysterically? Ahhh, the dogs. They is the dumb.