Monday, March 09, 2009

Fred Bear

Reason # 143 to Love Utah

That's right, kids. It's time for the Huntin' n Fishin' Show. Oh sure, they're calling it the International Sportsmen's Exposition. But it's all about huntin' and fishin'. .

I call it the White Trash Expo, but let's not get off on a rant so early in the week.

And it's international. If you count Wyoming as a foreign country. And you probably should if you've ever been there.

So, ladies if you're looking for a Big Strappin' Mountain Man, head on down to the South Towne Center this week. Feel free to print out that swell coupon over there.

And while you're there, make sure to get your photo with a baby bear! Check out that third bullet point. How do you not lead with baby bear pictures? That's really what makes this expo so fun: semi-wild animals and the chance for mauling!

I'm going to have some peanut butter for breakfast, carry some dog treats in my pockets and rub honey behind my ears before my picture.

This should be the best picture ever!


foundinidaho said...

Oh my heck. That baby bear will eat someone and then you'll get to see on KSL what an upright Mormon they were.

So. glad. not. to. live. there.

Roxrocks said...

This could have been clipped out of my local paper too. What the hell did you and I do to deserve such weird places to live?!