Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addicted to Love

Woo hoo!

Reason #246 to Lurve Utah

We're #1 in online porn!

How much do we like online porn? Even our National Parks are dirty.

Who'da thunk it? It's always the quiet ones, isn't it? Yup, this reddest of red states is chock full of the filthiest minds in the country. And probably the dirtiest keyboards as well. Ewww.

Here comes the science:

A Harvard Econ Prof (and where can I get a grant like this?) tracked online subscriptions to porn sites by area code. Utah is #1 at 5.47 subscribers per thousand. Only Utah and Mississippi had subscribers over 3.6 per thousand. We beat you, Mississippi. Suck it!

You can get the whole study if you subscribe to the Journal of Economic Perspectives. I just read it for the articles and not the centerfold.

And I always thought those kiosks in the mall were just selling Christian videos. Guess I'll have to dig a little deeper in the DVD bin next time. What's all this about the Song of Solomon?

Guess if you're going to have all those kids, after a while it takes a little something to start you up. Why does this remind me of when Michigan was number 1 in murders one year? The State's response was to criticize the methodology of the study. I'm guessing Utah isn't going to invest in more sex education and Planned Parenthood clinics. I'm sure we'll discuss this in a reasoned and enlightened manner. That will be swept under the rug like our widespread happy pill addiction.

Maybe more broadband investment will happen though.

I can best sum up this whole subject up with the following: you can subscribe?

Who knew? Man, you gotta want it to do that. It's free practically all over the place. What do you get if you subscribe? Personalized wet naps?

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