Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lonesome Highway?

There's nothing that could go wrong with this plan....

Why can't I have a flash of inspiration and invent the jillion dollar idea that will let me lounge around the house and watch basketball all day?

I think they're going to need more than some industrial knobs attached to the side of your car though. Like at least a hole in the back of the bag for all the poop you're going to scare out of your dog when he realizes he's been attached to the side of a car.

Granted, dogs love having their head out the window. I like to think that most dogs believe that they've suddenly learned how to run really, really fast.

Luckily, getting your dog into a sack is never a problem. Not like a fenderbender might be.

Quick, to the Dogmobile.

And remember, have your car spayed or neutered.


Roxrocks said...

Oy! Tazzy can barely handle riding IN the vehicle, never mind being strapped to the outside of one!

Cat said...

this is a little horrifying...but nobody wore seatbelts or used color advertisements either, so are we really surprised they advocated strapping a member of your family to the outside of a moving vehicle?