Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Duper

I just heard there's some kind of football game this weekend. Have you heard anything about this? I don't know too much about it so can't really pass along that much information.

There's something unique about the coaches, but I'm not sure what. And the teams are from somewhere in the mid-West, but I haven't heard where. Maybe I can pick up some of this information in the "Tostito's, IBM,, CBS 17 hours-o' hype brought to you by Chevy and the Rockem Sockem Robot Commercial that must be shown in a continuous loop during all sporting events" Pre-Game Show.

And while it's extremely difficult to find out anything about the game (including where it is this year), I do have some Little Known Facts about the Most Important Football Game Ever in the past versions.

If you're a novice to Super Bowl parties, make sure to loudly share these Little Known Facts at your party this year and you're sure to be a real hit with all your friends!

  • Not originally called the Super Bowl, the game was actually called Nancy.
  • The losers of Super Bowl I were put to death.
  • The cheerleaders at Super Bowl XIX were men.
  • The decision to use Roman numerals to reference the game was made because then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle was bad at math.
  • The National Anthem was not sung until Super Bowl VII. Before then the game began with a stirring rendition of Funkytown.
  • Notre Dame won Super Bowl III.
  • Teams participating in the Super Bowl are determined by a secret cabal of media and coahces. Just like the Bowl Championship Series.
  • More people bet on the commercials in the Super Bowl than the game itself.
  • The only television show that has had more viewers than the Super Bowl was Joanie Loves Chachi.
  • The team that has won the most Super Bowls is the Detroit Lions with 9.
  • Due to his immense popularity, Brett Favre is the starting quarteback for both teams in every Super Bowl.
  • The only teams never to win a Super Bowl are the Washington Redskins and the Calgary Roughriders.
  • While Peyton Manning is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, the real athlete of the Manning family is his 7 year old sister Emily. Emily is projected to be the numbr one pick of the Oakland Raiders in April.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is the day with the largest incidence of domestic violence in the United States. That's because men won't shut up during the commercials and frequently "sass" on this day.
  • John Madden won two Super Bowls while wearing a mansiere.

Enjoy the game, kids. Remember it's not whether you win or lose, it's how many appeteasers you order.


Jamie said...

Best superbowl post ever.

And I plan to use those factoids today, especially the mansierre one! I suppose this means I owe you a fartbag, now.

Spinning Girl said...

You so silly.

I heard this same rumor.

Angie T said...

It is a cold and sad in Chicago today. I forget how much my city loves their teams. I on the other hand, got over the loss last night in the time it took me to get up and grab another beer. And, I was really hoping the Bears would score three points at the end--that would have won me $500 bucks!