Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Love Letter

I'm coming for you, baby.

And I'm going to take you for as long as I want.

You can't resist me no matter what you do. You're powerless against me. You're mine and I'm going to control you for as long as I want.

You've never had nothing like me. You're going to be worn out, exhausted and weak in the knees.

I'm going to make you ache, shake, grunt and groan. You're going to beg for mercy. But I'm in charge.

I'm going to drain you. You'll beg for my mercy, but it I will be unrelenting. You're actually going to be glad to see me leave.

All my love,

The Flu


Elsa said...

Sorry The Flu's got you in its clutches. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Elsa said...

BTW, did you take a DNA test to prove you're really not Danielynn's Daddy????

Elsa said...
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Jamie said...

Dude, your friendly neighborhood nurse here: Ask your doc about Tamiflu if it's still early(first day or two).

Otherwise, Theraflu is good. And I think some tylenol and Motrin really held with fever and aches. LOTS of fluids, LOTS of rest, and judicious handwashing!

As long as your still posting sexual innuendo about the flu, your prognosis will remain... "silly but optimistic."

Wicked H said...

You did not get the shot, did you?

I agree with Jamie, lots of fluids, rest and much more sexual innuendo are all indicated.

Feel better!

Angie T said...

Influenza would be a beautiful name for a baby girl.

Speaking of illness, is Lactose intolerance sexually transmitted?

Just wondering. . .

Kate The Great said...

I can't believe you had the energy to post while battling the flu!

Very clever post,though!

Any hopes we'll see some great "singletons will survive V Day post" in the days ahead?

Angie T said...

dude, did you die?