Monday, February 19, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dear Brit:

Hey, B. Thanks for your last email and the picture. I don't care if you are so proud that the curtains match the carpet now, you've got to keep wearing your underwear. When I said you need to go to one of those chi chi McRehab spots, I meant for more than one day.
Seriously, you need to get over this. We're never going to go out again. I'm happily married now and will never come back to dance for you. Just because I said Persis Khambatta, Demi and Natalie Portman looked good with the smooth look, you shouldn't have shaved your head.
If you were a little more discriminating about who you let into the velvet valley, you wouldn't have lice in the first place. When you're hanging out with Paris and you're the slutty one, you've got trouble. If you're picking up her cast offs, you've got to expect you'll eventually catch something.
Why didn't you just send one of your publicists to get some lice shampoo? No one said you had to run down to Rite Aid yourself. No one would have known. Someone is eventually going to figure out why you shaved when they see all the hair care products in the trash.
Hope you are okay and enjoy the Yul look.


Wicked H said...

Yul rules!!!

Sorry so very early and I can't find anything but sorrow for Brittney Shears.

Angie T said...

Yeah, I wonder why she didn't shave her head at home or summon Jose Eber to do it. So strange.

Kim said...

I kinda like it. I've always wanted to shave my head but am afraid of what lives under there.

Reigning Frog said...

I think she's trying out for the GI Jane sequal