Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stupor Bowl

Hope everyone had a good time with the game. You should have been able to amaze the crowd with your knowledge of the history of the game. With any luck you won the pool for best commercial. Of course it was Dave and Oprah.

So in honor of the funniest man on tv.

The Top Ten Ways to Tell You're At A Lame Superbowl Party

10) Your halftime show is Prince Charles
9) You're in Miami......of Ohio
8) Someone in a satin shirt asks when the bowling starts
7) All the clam dip is expirationd
6) People keep yelling "Go, Brett, Go"
5) As you're on the way to the restroom, John Madden comes out
4) Joe Namath gets all sloppy and keeps trying to kiss you
3) You discover Lovie Smith got his name because he's a little "handsy"
2) The only wardrobe malfunction is your fat Uncle Earl
1) People keep saying "Next year the Lions will win it all"

Remember, if you're betting on the Pro Bowl, you've got a problem.


Kim said...

Ugh, that Namath is such a bad kisser too! That is the last time I wear my Suzy Kolber wig out.

Elsa said...

That's funny..."the Lions will win it all"!! But, hey, you never know. Look at the Tigers. If, 3 years ago, you heard someone say that the Tigers would beat the Yankees and make it into the World Series...well, you probably would have been at a lame World Series party.

foundme said...

I impressed with my newly learned superbowl trivia, thanks! And being that it was the first football game I saw this season, I'm sure everyone was thinking "how'd she get to know so much!"

Ha ha, yay me!

Wicked H said...

What? Pro Bowl betting is an issue?


Hello, my name is Wicked and I apparently have a problem.....