Thursday, July 06, 2006

Way To Go Ohio

God bless the Buckeye State.

What happens when you tie between 50 and 200 sparklers together, put them in a brass cylinder and then light it? It explodes. Luckily we had 5 morons in Berea, Ohio to test that for us before the guys on Mythbusters got hurt.

They had also placed bricks around the sparklers. One brick was found post explosion 225 feet away. Yikes! That's a bit more powerful than the Coke and Mentos trick.

I'm going to go on record that I'll bet a bit of alcohol was involved in this "test." I also like how the number of sparklers are between 50 and 200. That's a pretty good tip that memories are a bit foggy in their recollection of the escapade.

How do people get hurt? According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, "It's teenagers having bottle rocket wars, parents giving sparklers to 2-year-olds and people having too much to drink and putting firecrackers up their nose." At least it wasn't a brick.

Kids don't make your own fireworks at home. Go to Ohio first. And don't forget to put a cracker up your nose.


Elsa said...

I get the distinct impression that you have a crush on Ohio and its inhabitants :)

t2ed said...

It's not a man crush. I just appreciate insanity where I can find it.

And apparently you find it a lot in Ohio.

Must be the water from the Ohio river.

Anonymous said...

For the record ... it worked without a hitch last year:

We just put too many in the tube this time. And go figure, the "sparkler tube fountain" was just the pre-show ...

-- one of the Berea, OH morons