Monday, July 24, 2006

This Time It's A Little Creepy

The Ohio crazies seem to be breaking their meds in half. Take the whole pill people!

In Cleveland, the MAN went to a house to serve a warrant. An 80 year old woman denied them entrance to the home and said her mother was sleeping. When they finally persuaded her to allow them inside the house (I'm guessing this "persuasion" involved cursing, gun brandishment and threats to the door) they discovered that her Mom was a skeleton.

How'd you like to have the cop who had to pull that blanket back and find a skeleton? I'm guessing that person is going to have nightmares and need a little liquid therapy for a while.

And while they didn't release the 80 year old's name, I'm guessing it's Bates.

Best part of the story, the warrant was for "housing and health code violations." Ewwww. Yeah, that poor cop is definite going to need a leave of absence.


Alex said...

: )

Elsa said...

This story would be the perfect basis for a sequel to Psycho - "Psycho II, The Sister".