Thursday, July 20, 2006

At Least It's Not Four Dead in Ohio

We have an amazing thing today! It's all thanks to the power of the interweb and one of the guys in Berea who actually lived to tell the tale.

You may remember when some folks in Ohio lit off a jillion sparklers all at one time. It ended badly then. And according to reports, it was between 50 and 200 sparklers before it exploded.

We have it on good authority from someone I'll call Berea Boy that it's worked before. He left a comment on an old post and gave us video goodness to prove it can be done. That's not even the most they've lit off. They keep working up to about 500.

Here's the swell link.

I wish Berea Boy had provided a bit more info, so I'm hoping he'll come back to the foolishness that is this blog and enlighten us about the past hijinx.
  • Was alcohol involved?
  • What went wrong this time?
  • Where do you buy a that many sparklers?
  • Was he hurt in the explosion?
  • If yes, what were the extent of the injuries?
  • How 'bout your co-conspirators? Are they okay?
  • You're doing this again next July 4th aren't you?
Now I'll confess to having more than a passing interest in pyrotechnics. I have worked in a fireworks factory. And I've managed to put on displays that did result in fires. No explosions, but I did burn some bushes one summer. And I've also emptied all of the powder out of my brother's model rocket engines so my friends and I could play Kiss. Luckily, Toby's eyebrows eventually grew back.

So I feel your pain, Berea Boy. One great experiment gone wrong and you're labeled. Your gang is probably called the Explosion Guys or Sparkler Guys now. You shag one sheep and suddenly you're Tom the Sheep Shagger.

Hats off to you, Berea Boy. Keep the antics coming!

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Elsa said...

I can't imagine ever being brave enough to work in a fireworks factory. I think I've heard of those factories blowing up.