Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sweet Home Ohio

I don't know what we would do without the Ohio crazies. Probably write about people in Florida more. But there's just something so right about midwestern foolishness.

Two future scientists have been arrested in Licking County, Ohio for participating in an activity called "hill jumping." Hill jumping involves driving at a high rate of speed so that as one approaches the crest of the hill, the car actually takes to the air and then comes down on the other side of the hill. Good clean fun or an appointment with death? You decide.

First, if you're going to hill jump, you might not want to videotape it.

Second, try not to run into a house.

Third, even if you drive like the Dukes of Hazzard, you will not get to meet Jessica Simpson.

Fourth, wouldn't you figure someplace named Licking County would have something better to do than speeding on country roads?

Go see the world's coolest corporate headquarters ever for crying out loud in Newark, Ohio.

What's the chances these two geniuses thinned the gene pool yesterday? Just asking....


kris said...

Let us not forget the Texans. Those crazy damn Texans.

Headed up by their fearless leader, drunk ass Matthew McConaughey.

t2ed said...

The official leader of all naked bongo players everywhere.

And I heard he kicked Penelope Cruz to the curb so he's available for additional bongo playing now.

kris said...

I wonder if he plays corporate softball . . .

t2ed said...

Yes, 2nd base.

Elsa said...

Maybe they can try jumping the basket? Just a thought! :)

I actually read a book about Longaberger basket business - how they started and where they're at now. Pretty interesting stuff. And they talked about the basket headquarters.