Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Love a Good Art Joke

I can't say why I'm so enamored of the Ohio crazies. They just take it to 11. We have crazy in Michigan. But not the kind of crazy they have in Ohio.

An example, you say? How about an art display in a toilet? Well if you're near Yellow Springs, Ohio, you can take in the Chamber Pot Gallery. In the restrooms of a replica of an 1880 train station, they've hung original works of art. And I think I know why the Springs are yellow.

Now I've never been to Yellow Springs and I sure as hell wouldn't go to a replica of a train station, but the article describes the town as having "a 1960s feel with people in tie-dyed clothing and other hippie-like attire frequenting streets lined with artisan shops." I wonder what's causing such a tourism problem that they've desperately started to decorate the commode? Nothing says tourist fun like fashion from 40 years ago.

They've masterfully tricked people into coming back if they want to see all the art. They're swapping the men's and women's art after 6 months. Like the line for the women's art isn't long enough. And there's always that rebel art aficianado who'll ditch the women's art and just go for the men's art because the line is too long while her boyfriend plays look out.

But I think they need some slogans for the big art display in Yellow Springs. May I suggest the following:

  • Leonardo in the Loo
  • Picasso in the Pooper
  • Cezanne in the Crapper
  • Michaelangelo in the Men's Room
  • Lorenzetti in the Ladies Lounge
  • Warhol in the Stall
  • Rockwell in the Restroom
  • Uccello at the Urinal
  • Toulesse in the Toilet
  • Going and Gainsborough
  • Whizzing With Whistler
  • van Gogh Vacuation
Wow, who knew that semester of Art History would ever come in handy? Feel free to play along at home, kids.

But they probably should go with a classic.

Here I sit,
Amidst the art.
Came to poo,
Could only fart.

When someone says that this art stinks, you'll know why.


Elsa said...

I think they should "freshen" or should I say "stink" the air so that the art patrons can really get the feel (or the smell) of this art.

And if you keep advertising/marketing for Ohio, that state will be overcrowded with tourists :)

angelatee said...

That IS it! I've just reported you to the Ohioans Have Feelings Just Like You and Me League (OHFJLYAML for short).

femme d'espoir said...

Cute! Your slogans are great.

Thanks for stopping by my site.


jafabrit said...

well I just LOVED your slogans, where were YOU when we had our meetings :)
This is corrine the co- curator of the loo with a view. No, not a hippie, not even from ohio lol! Don't believe everything you read in the paper, it isn't all hippies ;) Why did we put art in the loo? Coz it was fun, coz we could, and the public seems to be really enjoying it. By the way we already have slogans/jokes and euphemisms for the bog around the walls below the art. Hope you don't mind if we use yours, they're great.

all the best to you

jafabrit said...

LOL t2ed , yes it is a mad venture, what can I say, I am an artist and a geordie. Us geordie's are known for being irreverent and a playful sense of humour. If you ever come this way let me know, I will give you a tour of the loo ;)
you take care.

andy said...

Did any of this art include scratch and sniff?