Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wie, Wie, Wie, All The Way Home

Welcome to the pros, kid.

Sixteen year-old Michelle Wie got disqualified from her first professional tournament after making an incorrect drop. Oops, and because they didn't discover the illegal drop until the next day, that meant she had signed an incorrect scorecard which is an automatic dq. All the details are here (if your that anal about the rules).

Oh, yeah, somebody named Annika Sorenstam won by 8 strokes. Wonder if she was pissed that people only wanted to talk about the youngster all week.

I'm guessing the Sports Illustrated reporter, Michael Bamberger, who got her dq'ed probably won't be getting an exclusive interview anytime soon.

Don't sweat it, kid. You lost out on 4th place in your first pro event and missed the $53,000 in prize money. I'm betting that 10 million in endorsement deals from Nike and Sony will cushion the blow a bit. Sucks to be you, huh?


kris said...

You win for entry title of the week!

Shawn said...

That is an awesome title! Bummer for Wie...but you're right about the endorsements.

Jorge said...

It's too bad.
So much pressure.
I'd love to be paid the big bucks for doing the things I like to do.

But somehow I doubt that people will endorse me for just sitting on the sofa eating Cheezies.